February 25, 2017

Security Services

Security Survey
There are a number of reasons why you would need to engage in a security survey exercise These can range from setting up a new facility or business, to responding to a requirement from your insurance company or following a loss or incident.
A security survey is the process to physically examine your building, facility or operation. It is built from a full or dynamic risk assessment which identifies the threats your business is likely to face and the vulnerabilities you may have in light of those threats. The likelihood of those risks occurring and the impact such an occurrence would have contribute to the overall risk rating.
The survey looks at perimeter, building (including manned guarding) security and electronic security measures such as CCTV, Alarms and lighting. In reviewing these features, an assessment is made as to the degree that they will mitigate the risks to as low a position as possible. Recommendations are made where potential shortcomings are identified.

Security Audits
A security audit is the process to evaluate the existing position against a set of predetermined security standards (these my be the standards set at the initial survey stage). This is an excellent way to provide a benchmark position, giving security mangers and other senior managers an accurate and objective position.